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“To my opinion we haven’t still taken our place in the sun, the best is ahead”

The Russian company “2K-Sport” becomes the technical sponsor of the Football National League team for the 4th year at a run. Also the match in Verchelli, where Andrey Gordeev's team played in the football kit of our brand was not an exception. Sergey Kolomiyets, the CEO of the company, has given an interview to the official site of FNL before the match.

- Every year the conception becomes more stronger that the qualitative sportswear can be made from the famous European or American producers, as well as Russian ones. Therefore our cooperation with FNL and other sports organizations and clubs is not only promotion of the "2K-Sport" brand, but creation of a habit and people’s understanding, that Russia can make goods, useful and necessary for sport.

-Your company has been founded in 2001 when all known and less known world brands of sportswear had already been in Russia. How did you succeed to start and survive in so challenging and competitive environment?
-According to my opinion, we have not still taken our place in the sun, the best is ahead. In spite of the fact that our company is rather young, we have already passed through different stages of development. At the beginning of 2000 there was a relative deficiency of available sportswear therefore it was possible to sell everything in large quantities. Then there was a period of saturation of the market and aggravation of the competition, and after that there were some crises with the frequency of four-five years. Let’s say, it was necessary to pass through all this, as every stage has given us some useful experience. Actually, we have the crisis again, but as our business is more related to Russian ruble, we have more advantageous position now, than our European and American competitors.

-The devaluation of the ruble does not have a strong influence on your activity, as the production is located in Russia, does it?
Our business depends on US dollar and euro in terms of purchasing of raw materials, as unfortunately it is not produced in our country. But sewing manufacture is based on national currency, therefore, actually this difficult period of the Russian economy doesn’t have much influence upon it.

-What kind of manufacturing possibilities does the "2K Sport" company have today?
- We have our own factory in Moscow where about a hundred people work. But actually it is not enough for the required volumes. Therefore, we place additional orders for production at some factories of Moscow region and a number of neighboring regions like Smolensk, Tver, Ryazan. There are people who need to work and get orders. At present moment our orders include not tens, but hundreds of thousands of sportswear units per year in frame of grassroots football. As for football kits for professional players our volumes are reasonably lower and are thousands or tens of thousands of units per year.

-What other clubs, leagues and associations do you cooperate in Russia with?
- When we worked over our business strategy, we thought the professional football would promote our brand, by purchasing our goods. But actually the main sales volume is from grassroots football and amateur leagues, as well as youth schools. There were times we worked with the "Moscow" and "Tom" football clubs, as well as with the board of Referees, association of futsal and the beach football national team. Now we work with several PFL clubs, such as "Tambov" or "Angusht". In frame of FNL we equip the "Yenisei” team.

-Your company is being marketed, as a producer of soccer kits, first of all. Do you have any plans in the nearest future to go ahead and equip the other sports?
- Actually we already cooperate with other sports, but we do not focus on it like that. In particular, we have a line of basketball kits, which is used even by professional clubs, for example, the "Ataman" from Rostov-on-Don playing in the Super League. We have volleyball kits as well. Besides, there are universal things, like sports suits or jackets which are suitable for all sports.

-What impressions did you have from the match of SNL team against Italians?
- I was at all four meetings. I will share my opinion as a fan, not as an expert: today's game was the most emotional and interesting.

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